Terms and Conditions



Uniforms must be worn black top short sleeves and black trousers or leggings.
Hair must be tied back. You must maintain a good level of hygiene. Nails must be kept short. Only light make up may be worn.
Please do not wear any jewellery, wrist phones, bracelets, long earrings for any training course you attend. NO PETS AND NO RELATIVES/FRIENDS AT THE COURSES.

Fridge, microwave, herbal teas and water is available for your convenience.
You may be given videos and photos of your models for training purposes; these can be used on social media only with the permission of the academy. NO PHONES are allowed during the training, if you need to make a phone call, please do it outside the classroom area to avoid disturbing your colleagues.

We will hold the requested number of places on your selected course or dates for up to 28 days following telephone, email or verbal confirmation of a booking being agreed.

You agree to MyBellamy social media and marketing and hereby consent to be filmed and photographed throughout the training.

Assignments and revisions need to be completed and handed ON-TIME and all theory and assignments set as homework must be completed from home.

The models that we work on we will find them together and they will pay for consumables. You will be required for educational purposes to be a model and have treatments by another student. It is your responsibility to inform your tutor of any medical issues and contra-indications you may have for the treatment you are undertaking.

If you do not attend or miss work, you will have to complete your coursework in your own time or will be asked to join the next course (Subject to availability). IF YOU MISS CLASS, TO RECOVER THE MISSED CLASS IT WILL BE A CHARGE of £120 per day (models and teacher are employed), students must arrive 15 minutes prior to the course start time for registration.

You may air your complaints and grievances only through our complain procedure. MyBellamy complain procedure requires you to report in writing any grievances related to your tutor, teaching, academy or day to day matters to Elena Bujita, mailto:mybellamyacademy@gmail.com within 48 hours of the incident.
Code of ethics and practice: Maintaining an appropriate and professional relationship with a client is crucial. Therapist must never use their position of trust to exploit or manipulate the client in any way.
We do not differentiate between clients because of their GENDER, RACE and DISABILITIES.


We follow a strict PPE protocol and failure to comply will mean that you will not be able to continue with the class.
I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions.

All course fees are non-refundable, and payment of the final balance for the total course fee is due at the end of the course and must be paid in person at the academy. Supplementary charges which may occasionally occur during a course, such as additional, loss or damage to equipment or other property, will need to be paid in full and such charges are payable. IF you have not paid the course fee upon completion, this will be a breach of the contract between us, and we reserve the right to treat your course as cancelled by you and may release your reservation

By signing this agreement, you are agreeing not to bring MyBellamy’s reputation into disrepute before, during or after the course through any means (social media, word of mouth). You will not be certified until your tutor signs that you have completed the course to the required standard. If you are running late or not be able to come in, you must report to your tutor on WhatsApp group latest by 08:00am on the day of the training.